hello friends!

if you’ve visited before, you’ll notice the site looks different. that’s because we’re shifting our focus from the hadestown album to the hadestown theater show!

you can still find info about the album in the archived portion of this site. for the most part, this site is now a tool for all the fine folks getting involved in the development of the theater show, so it’s private, and requires a login. but you can always hit up the websites of hadestown’s creators: anais mitchell, ben matchstick, and michael chorney for the latest on what we’re up to!

for anyone who has ever reached out wanting to put on htown/help us develop it/give us advice, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enthusiasm and patience. we’re really thrilled to be rolling up our sleeves again, and we all look forward to the day we can publish it and make it available to the masses! hooray! onward!

team hadestown